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About TVC

Zhenzhi  Technology  Introduction
shenzhen Zhenzhi Technology Co. Ltd., founded in July 20th, 2008, is a cross-border e-commerce company which is mainly specialized in mobile phone accessories products wholesale, and with the expansion of electronic products and related accessories. After ten years of development, its online shopping website www.tvc-mall.com which is powered by Colpoint technology limited, has become the leading and preferred platform in the wholesale industry of mobile phone accessories, and so achieved scale, professional and global operation.(Colpoint technology limited is a corporation of Shenzhen Zhenzhi Technology Co. Ltd.,).
Xi'an Branch Company was set up, and officially launched the new company name "Zhenzhi", fully achieved scale, professional and global operation.
From March to September in 2016, thePerformance-Based Management Program came into implementation, playing a fundamental role in the systematic analysis of our internal operations.The Automatic Warehouse Management System was introduced in the purposeof upgrading the efficiency and accuracy in the logistics department.
The newest edition of Corporate Management Information System got online in June, signifying the body of our self-developedManagement Information System was completedin the main thereafter.
With the adoption of professional management team and perfection of a management system, ZhenZhi gradually became the lead in the industry in November, 2014.
By the first month of 2013, the overall sales volume of 2012 reached theheight of 80 million RMB, therefore the first annual conference was held to celebrate this inspiring achievement as well as to give praises to company members who did a great job. Keeping a good level of customer satisfaction over its efficiency, the supply chain system was modified and put into use in October, 2013.
The firm situated in Shenzhen was launched in November, 2010.Benefits of employees got updated to the next level.
Our online store www.tvc-mall.com was released in August, 2009.
HK Yuanchuang Co., Ltd was officially established in July, 2008
Sales & Customer Service
Our professional one-on-one customer service team is always devoted to answering calls and questions relating to your orders 24/7 for your next good review.
Sales & Customer Service
The marketing team takes responsibility for setting the marketing strategies and promotions in line with the market trends and sustainable development goals.
The product & purchasing department and its members specialize in mining customers’ demands with a great vision so that we assure you of trendy supplies.

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