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Join TVC

Join TVC

Create value for wider masses.

The belief in creativity has always been our core value. Having a history in the field over 12 years, we know exactly how instrumental the role of creativity is in e-commerce and have grown increasingly attached to the need of innovative talents along with the power they add to the fostering of a brighter future and a closer connection to the world.

 Who we look for

If you happen to have (or know someone who has) what it takes to work in a fast paced and “brain-racking” environment where different voices are well received and the appreciation of vision is second to none, welcome aboard! People with the unusual blend of passion, high aspirations, and an entrepreneurial spirit are encouraged in TVC to shape their own path of growth in terms of their personal goals and chasing their dreams no matter what. In other words, bring on your unique skills and insights and we are your supporters anytime and anywhere.

 What we offer

So, what is the chemi over talented people like you working at TVC? You will never get bored because everyone out there is with a keen sense of fun, by which we mean you will have lots of opportunities to meet people, communicate with them, and enjoy frequent exchanges of ideas. Together, we invite you to join the reinvention of cross-border wholesaling and retailing trades and to make a difference doing what you love.

 Where to hand in your resume

Executive: Joanna_xu@inc.tvc-tech.com

Tel No.: 0086 755 84553391

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