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Wholesale Program

Wholesale Service Standard

Having been focused on cell phone accessories since 2008, TVC Mall has witnessed the fall of feature phones and the rise of smart phones and other devices. Despite the changes and new trends ahead, unchanged in TVC Mall is its supply of innovative and cost-effective accessory products to global re-sellers and retailers, creating value for them.

To wholesale from TVC Mall is easy, as handy as 1, 2, 3. Moreover, TVC Mall understands the demands of different types of wholesalers and offers value-added support for different groups of wholesalers, escorting their businesses.

At TVC Mall, wholesalers are classified into 6 levels according to their purchase amount of the last 12 months. Customers at different level enjoy their privileges as follows:



(Order Value≤$2K)


($2K < Order Value≤$10K)


($10K < Order Value≤$50K)


($50K < Order Value≤$100K)



($100K < Order Value≤$200K)


(Order Valued>$200K)

One-on-One Customer








Sale Discounts






High Resolution Product Images






Downloads of Product Details






TVC-Mall Online System API





Reports of Market Trends





Free Samples





Custimized Packaging








Prior Returns & Refunds


Market analysis; list of hot sellings in your country.


1. Free samples of two thousandths of their purchasing amount for level 5/6 customers monthly. ( this privilege can not be accumulated. )

2. Level 3/4 customers can have samples at the fifth area price.

3. Samples will be delivered with orders, however, customers will cover the freight if they want samples to be delivered seperately.

4. Customers enjoy paid value-added services when their monthly purchasing amount is over 10,000 USD, labelling and customized packaging, etc. which cost extra 8% of the order.

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