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Points Policy

Points Policy

What are TVC-Mall Points?

TVC points are a kind of reward for our registered customers. You need to register and log in to your account to collect or use TVC-Mall points. TVC-Mall points cannot be cashed, but they can be converted to balance and redeem items in our website once your points have been accumulated to no less than 30. The exchange rate from TVC-Mall points to US dollars is as follows


Accumulated TVC-Mall Points

Exchange Rate (TVC-Mall Points: US Dollars)




How to Earn TVC-Mall Points?

It’s easy to earn TVC-Mall points as long as you’re a registered customer. There’re 3 ways to earn it.



A. Place an order.

Any order with a value (shipping fee excluded) no less than $200 is qualified to get TVC-Mall points. The point rate is 0.5 per $100, which means you will get 1 point for an order with a $200 value. No points are collected if the additional value is less than $100. If an order includes promotional items and those promotional items offer additional promo points, then the TVC-Mall points you will get from this order would be the total of the points from the order amount and promo points. For instance, if you place an order with a total of $596, the TVC-Mall points for the order would be 2.5. If one item from your order offers promotion reward points of 1, then you will get 3.5 points in total from this order. The points will be acquired after the order is shipped. Please note the acquired points may get revoked if the order is returned later.

Here’s a formula for your reference.

TVC-Mall Points = Order Points ($100=0.5) + Promotion Reward Points


B. Interact with TVC-Mall Website

a) Register. New user registration can get 10 points.

b) Subscribe to our newsletter. 10 points will be rewarded for the first-time subscription. If one unsubscribe, no points will be rewarded if he re-subscribes again.

c) Leave a comment. TVC-Mall points will be rewarded to you if you write a review with no less than 50 characters. 0.1 point for each product review. You can get 300 points max from one order. TVC-Mall points will be acquired after it gets approved.


C. Acquire from Promotions.

Some products in our promotions may offer reward points to customers. When you buy this product, the corresponding points will be rewarded to you. The promotion reward points can be accumulated. For example, the reward point for some items is 30 points. If you buy 2 of this item, you will get 60 (30points *2) points. The points will be acquired with the order points after the order is shipped.



Consumption of TVC-Mall Points?

A. Redemption.

On the basis of at least 30 TVC-Mall points, you can use the points to balance and redeem items on our website. The redemption rate is as follows.

Accumulated TVC-Mall Points

Exchange Rate (TVC-Mall Points: US Dollars)




B. Expiration.

All TVC-Mall points, no matter in which month you acquire them, are supposed to expire at the end of the calendar year. TVC-Mall points will be renewed to 0 on January 1st of each year. Please remember to redeem your points before the new year.

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